Helping You Protect & Preserve Your Assets for Future Generations

Over the years you have diligently worked, planned and acquired assets. Distributing that wealth via a simple will or other similar legal instrument may easily mean wasting what you have worked so earnestly to obtain.

If one of your goals is to pass an inheritance or gift on to others, you will need the guidance and expertise of professionals that understand the options available. By evaluating your specific circumstances, the estate planning professionals at William Greene & Company can offer assistance in choosing the best plan for you.

Estate and Trust Planning - A Strategic & Crucial Step

Tax issues can weigh heavily on estates and trusts.  Many people are unaware that estate planning is the largest area in which to find tax savings.  However, unless you are directed in your planning by a qualified CPA, you may miss several tax-saving opportunities.  

Those that take steps to discuss the future with their loved ones and draft suitable plans to accommodate them make it significantly easier for their survivors.  Those that wait or don't communicate with their families about how best to distribute assets can negatively (and often irreparably) impact the future for those they hold dear. Once your plan is crafted, continual monitoring will ensure that no unpleasant surprises uproot your strategy.

Business Succession Planning

Entrepreneurs and family business owners face special circumstances with regard to estate planning. We offer complete business succession planning services that can help you ensure the future of your business.

Foreign Trusts and Estates

International estates and trusts have concerns all their own. With ever-changing legislation in this area, you'll want a team of professionals that can work with your counsel to make certain you maintain compliance and decrease exposure to increased taxes.

Contact us today for additional information about trusts and estates that will help you protect and preserve your assets for future generations.