A Broad Range of Services Designed to Guide You from Inception to Exit

The road to business success is dotted with questions: Should you choose a sole proprietorship or a corporation? Which type of entity offers the greatest benefits for your company? What can you do to increase profits right from the start?  Of which pitfalls should you be aware?

From properly benchmarking and tracking your progress to developing creative executive compensation packages, William Greene & Company can guide your steps with services such as:

Business Valuation - One of the most disastrous mistakes business owners make is waiting to build the value of their companies until it is too late. It takes years to create value in an organization. Whatever your future plans may be, now is the time to set them in motion.

Executive Compensation - Think your company can't attract or retain key executives? Or, think that offering exciting compensation options is only for large corporations? Ask about the unique, affordable alternatives we can help you implement.

Benchmarking - How does your organization stack up to others in your industry? Are you paying salaries that are below scale? Are your expenses higher than your competition’s? Once we provide you with this vital intelligence, you can quickly make changes to improve profitability, employee loyalty and more.

Outsourcing - If you have exceeded the point of handling all accounting tasks yourself, but aren't quite ready to add a new full-time employee, outsourcing could be just the right fit.

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