Attract, Retain and Motivate Quality Executives and Key Employees

It happens more frequently than you might like to think. A quality executive that has been with a company for years resigns, leaving you and everyone in a lurch. The reason? All too frequently they received a better offer that included more money, better benefits and increased opportunities for advancement.

Rather than waiting until this happens in your company, take a proactive approach by developing an executive compensation program that will help you attract, retain and motivate executives and employees.

We can offer some creative ideas with regard to compensation plans, including:

  • Market Pricing – Benchmark market rates for base salary, annual incentive plans and long-term equity plans to ensure you're not underpaying key employees and thus raising their temptation to look around.
  • Equity Plan Design – Institute programs for companies, including stock option and phantom stock plans.
  • Retirement Savings Plans – Offer 401(k)s, 403(b)s, money purchase plans and profit sharing plans to help employees defer income for retirement.
  • Employee Communication – Educate employees about all benefits and incentive offers through programs via workshops, handbooks and more. They can't get excited about benefits of which they aren't aware.
  • Company Policy Manuals – Ensure that all employees know the company’s policies and procedures to reduce HR issues.
Incentive and Bonus Plan Design

You'll be particularly appreciative of the unique opportunities we offer in this area that allow you to reward executives, managers and other employees as they achieve your strategic goals.  As employees' productivity increases and goals are met, they accumulate wealth and rewards. Employees and executives are satisfied, and you experience increased growth.

From assisting with the selection of retirement plan administrators and insurance to setting up incentive stock plans, we make it easy to make your business more attractive to current and future executives.

Contact us today for additional information or to receive a brochure. We will gladly arrange a time to discuss your current needs as well as the most effective and affordable solutions.