Increasing Profitability for Closely and Privately Held Businesses in a Variety of Industries

No two industries face the same accounting challenges.  In fact, no two companies within any given industry are met with the same issues. This is precisely why working with a CPA firm which has specialists on staff is imperative. 

Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer with equipment depreciation questions or a construction company that needs to improve cash flow, the expert CPAs at William Greene & Company are here to help. 

Below is just a sampling of the various industries we work with; however, it is not exclusive. If you don't see yours listed, please contact us for additional details.

Importers & Distributors - From communicating with foreign entities to ensuring tax savings, you will benefit from having the global expertise of William Greene & Company on your side.

Manufacturers & Producers - While there are a few financial common denominators within the manufacturing industry, most companies vary greatly in their needs.  You'll find we provide flexible, experienced CPAs to help you meet your specific goals.

Professional Services - Architecture, engineering, law, health care and other service-based companies have inherent accounting issues. From compliance to business succession planning, we can help ensure your profitability and growth.

Construction - Commercial, residential or municipal, we are available to assist those in the construction industry including carpenters, excavation companies, landscaping businesses and others.

Retail & Auctions - From the high turnover of employees to controlling costs, retail stores and auction houses must often face a combination of financial issues at once.  With excellent forethought and planning, we can help settle the turmoil you experience.

Transportation - Insurance, fleet purchases, financing and other concerns are typical within the transportation industry. What isn't typical is a CPA firm that works side by side with you to evaluate your current circumstances and plan for a more profitable future.

Other Industries - Catering, publishing, investment organizations… we have helped these and other enterprises analyze, evaluate, plan and implement strategies that brought about significant improvements.  Let us do the same for you.

Contact us today for additional information or to receive a brochure. We will gladly arrange a time to discuss your current needs as well as the most effective and affordable solutions.