Ensuring a Successful Transition from Generation to Generation

Retirement.  Debilitating health issues.  New ventures.  Death.  Pleasant or adverse, planned or unexpected, you will eventually face a time of transition during your business life.  Many family business owners mistakenly assume the transition process will be simple and smooth.  And it can be, provided you enlist the help of a qualified CPA that understands your current situation and your goals.

The biggest mistake closely held companies make is waiting until a crisis erupts to make critical decisions about their future. Planning for business succession should be a priority.

Start Planning Today

Faulty assumptions about family member roles in your business, overlooked details pertaining to taxes, family tension and more can wreak havoc on your vision for the future. Addressing and dealing with these and other issues now is the only way of securing a successful transition from one generation to the next.

If you want to:

  • design a strategic plan for the future
  • increase the value of your business
  • analyze successioin alternatives
  • draft necessary documents for succession
  • evaluate tax consequences
  • integrate estate planning into succession planning
  • minimize family rivalry
  • and more

… then succession planning is the next step. Through collecting data and suggesting effective succession alternatives, we will develop a step-by-step action plan you can follow that outlines milestones and checkpoints. You've put your life into your business. It is only sensible to take steps now and plan for its survival in years to come.

Contact us today for additional information. We'll help you ensure every detail of the succession process is handled, so your plans can be carried out without question.