Whether you operate one location or an entire chain, retail store or an auction company, there are many issues causing owners to lose sleep.  The state of the economy almost immediately impacts retailers and auctions, as shoppers become more price conscious and the cost of commodities fluctuates. Add to that concerns about increasing costs and human resources issues and you could be saddled with a great deal of stress. 

William Greene & Company has extensive experience helping those in retail and auction businesses.  We're able to analyze circumstances and plan methods for you to achieve higher profitability, expanded cash flow and the most lucrative succession of your business through:

  • Tax Advisory- The effective preparation of reports and tax filings is vital for compliance with banking and governmental requirements.
  • Succession & Exit Planning - What will happen to your company once you're no longer here? Whether due to retirement, the pursuit of new interests or death, planning for the future is imperative to ensuring your hard work hasn't been for nothing.
  • Profit Enhancement - Regardless of what shape the economy is in, practically every company has ways to improve profitability. Most are simple, little-known changes that deliver appreciable results. Start with our profitability assessment and then let us show you how to improve your bottom line.
  • Business Advisory - A host of business advisory services provide numerous ways to improve cash flow and increase income growth, whether operating in the U.S. or on foreign soil.

Contact us today for additional information on how we can positively impact your income growth as a retailer or auction house.