Professional service firms have specific and specialized accounting needs that are unique to their field.  Architecture, engineering, law, health care and others require insights into the accounting aspects of their businesses that only veteran CPAs with extensive knowledge of their profession can provide. 

While many accounting issues are commonly found across the board, the CPA you choose to work with must also intimately understand your precise vocation and the challenges inherent within it.

We understand the fast-paced nature of your business, and we respect your exceptionally tight schedule.  Your pursuit of education and business ownership wasn't so you could be saddled with accounting issues.  With focused, on-point information, advice and services, we oversee the financials, so you can focus on those tasks for which you are trained.   

  • Accounting & Auditing - Compliance requirements are frequently modified. From government regulations to periodic tax filings, we'll keep up with the changes, so you don't have to.
  • Succession & Exit Planning - Whether it's outlining the long-term future of your company or creating trusts to protect your estate and those who will inherit from it, advanced planning is essential to making sure your wishes are known and executed.
  • Profit Enhancement - While a love for what you do is - in part - what makes you successful, every professional needs to keep at least one eye on the profitability scale.  Achieving your desired level of profitability isn't as complex as you might think. We'll gladly work with you to create a plan of action you can immediately implement.
  • Business Advisory - Business plans, partner compensation, operational assistance, negotiation of contracts and financial forecasting are just a few services included under our umbrella of advisory services.
  • Tax Advisory - With a CPA from William Greene & Company, you have a trusted partner that truly understands your profession. That insight allows us to guide you in claiming all deductions to which you are entitled as well as minimizing your tax liability.

Contact us today for additional information on how we can help you assess, outline and plan for a more successful future.