From commercial, residential and municipal general contractors to the various trades that support them, accounting touches every aspect.  Whether you own and operate a construction management firm or run a business in one of the trades such as electrical, carpentry, excavation or landscaping to name a few, the CPAs at William Greene & Company use their extensive experience in the construction industry to help you realize significant savings.

Issues which can easily sidetrack you include:

  • Compliance Filings -Through accurate and timely compliance services, we can provide detailed financial statements, tax returns and other reports required by banks, insurance agencies, bond/surety companies and your local or federal government.
  • Succession & Exit Planning - Do you have an exit plan for your company? You are most likely accumulating assets which are earmarked for your golden years. But have you given the same consideration to your business? What will happen in the event of your untimely death, retirement or change of focus? Proper planning now offers the biggest rewards down the road.
  • Profit Enhancement - Are you as profitable as others in your industry? How can you manage rising costs when contracts keep your income fixed? Are you able to recognize opportunities to pursue change orders in a timely fashion? When these and other questions keep you awake at night, it is time to find some answers. Take our free Profitability Assessment today and sleep better tonight.
  • Advisory Services- From improving cash flow to ensuring your executives are well compensated, we offer a host of advisory services that open your eyes to wonderful opportunities.

Contact us today for additional information. We will help you accurately interpret the numbers and develop reachable goals for the future of your construction company.