Our Team:
(left to right)
Bruce Schachter,
Alan Weiss,
William Greene,
Rob Williams

From expanding your bottom line to securing your financial future, the pivotal question is almost always “Can we afford it?” Can you relocate your business? Will you be able to provide for your heirs in the manner you want? Should you increase incentives for key employees or partners? Financial data holds the answers.

However, so many CPAs focus solely on the numbers. At William Greene & Company, we focus on you. Using a proactive approach rather than a reactive one, we're trained to ask questions and draw out information that will:

  • Identify opportunities to increase your revenue and profitability
  • Eliminate inefficiencies for better use of company & personal resources
  • Maximize success so you and your business thrive
  • Minimize exposure and defend against taxes
  • Avoid problems before they begin, allowing for fewer surprises and better performance of your assets
  • Design systems and processes that work efficiently without duplication of effort

In addition to offering a comprehensive list of accounting services, the partners at William Greene & Company work directly with you to identify issues, propose strategies and quickly implement solutions.

Are We the Right CPA Firm for You?

Over the past 40 years, we've carved a highly defined niche with which we work best. If you own a family or privately held business, or have complex personal tax issues, contact us today. We'll help you define your current situation and create a roadmap that leads to all the places you want to go.